About Us

Who we are

Rhsteamcelebrate is a club that provides birthday boxes, supplies, and hand written cards to local foster kids who don't always get to celebrate something like a birthday. Through the organization "Team Celebrate" we are able to receive these special birthday boxes which we then fill with birthday party supplies, gifts and much more. After packing these boxes they will be donated to the "Children's Hope Foster Family Agency" which is a foster home located in Roseville. Make a difference today in your community!

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Why we do it

There are 400,000 foster kids in the US. Most of them have never celebrated a birthday. With all of the hardships and challenges foster kids face, they deserve at least one special day. Every ​child has a birthday, but not every child has an opportunity to celebrate. ​ Birthdays provides joy, a special memory, and an opportunity to build self esteem.

Our Partner Organizations

Foster Agency

Rhsteamcelebrate donates directly to the Children's hope foster family agency in order to impact our Roseville community.

Learn more about them: https://www.childrenshopeffa.org/

Team Celebrate Non-Profit